The One Word You Never Want To Hear, And How To Deal With It


TIP! For both patient and family, cancer can be very distressful. You should be checking in with your doctor regularly, as new ways to treat and even cure cancers are always being developed.

Cancer is usually a terrifying word. However, those who have never heard their physician say, “you have cancer,” cannot even begin to fathom the bleakness and devastating feelings that those few short words can convey. Even if there is hope, being diagnosed with cancer can completely transform someone’s life. The advice in this article will help you through your journey of making those changes, or supporting a loved one as they do.

Cancer Cells

TIP! Prepare yourself for all the physical changes that may take place as you receive cancer treatment. Speak with your doctor about the side effects you may face.

There are many theories about your diet and how it can affect cancer. Cancer cells thrive on sugar, so eliminating sugar from your diet can effectively starve cancer cells. This method is not a substitute for your regular treatments, but it is a healthy choice for maintaining good nutrition as you fight cancer.

TIP! Be aware that fruits and vegetables that you buy at the market can sometimes be contaminated. They are usually sprayed with pesticides in order to prevent fungus, bacteria and bugs from destroying them.

Figuring out what’s going on before it happens can help when dealing with cancer. Set up regular screening appointments with your doctor, so the doctor can test you for cancer cells prior to major symptoms showing. Do a self examination once monthly, to check for breast or testicular cancer.

TIP! You want to understand all the symptoms that are associated with different types of cancer. Examples of colon cancer symptoms include sudden, inexplicable weight loss, bloody or thin stools and constant cramping.

Correct people’s misconceptions when required. Some people may come from ignorance when dealing with your cancer. They may pressure you to quit your job as soon as you receive your diagnosis or avoid you so that they don’t get cancer too. Put together a few responses to some common questions and be ready to address people’s concerns. Being able to respond to such concerns will help your relationship with others during your cancer treatment.

TIP! Physical activity can reduce your chances of contracting colon cancer by around 40%. When you regularly work your body, you give it the tools you need to fight off cancer as well as to resist other diseases like diabetes.

Your loved one needs you to really listen to his feelings about his cancer diagnosis. You may find it awkward to do at first, but your loved one will benefit greatly from the opportunity to talk, as well as from knowing that you cared enough to take the first step. For the best results, focus on being a good listener rather than trying to solve their problems or give your own interpretations.

TIP! Be proactive in accepting the challenges and changes that living with cancer brings. Be prepared now so you can fight later.

If you want to catch cancer early, learn the warning signs. Losing weight, finding blood in your stool or persistent cramps could be symptoms of colon cancer. Go to a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.

TIP! Being an active participant in your treatments is a better strategy for fighting cancer, than to just passively allow the physicians to treat you. Do not allow yourself to become just an uninformed subject in each medical procedure.

Smokers need to be very aware that quitting cigarettes not only protects against lung cancer and emphysema, but also against colon cancer. The carcinogens produced by smoking can reach the colon and cause polyps to grow. These are just a few of the reasons you need to quit smoking.

TIP! If someone you know has cancer, do not hesitate to to help them make new friends. You can use the Internet to find people who can meet or support groups.

You should attend any appointments with your loved ones if they have cancer. Sometimes, your presence will help your loved one open up about concerns, or they can turn to you for clarification.

Read as much as you can about the topic of cancer, if you or somebody you know, has it. It is crucial to have confidence when you have cancer.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, there are some things that you need to accept. Get yourself ready now to fight your cancer batter later.

TIP! While some tests will determine whether cancer is present, others can help to prevent cancer before it develops. It’s easy to put cancer screenings off till it’s too late, but it is very important that you take the time for these important tests and screenings.

Be open and honest with others. If you feel that your loved ones aren’t being very supportive, bring up the topic in a non-aggressive but serious way. Let them know, with kindness, how they can help out and why you need that help. Be careful, though. This is a challenging and emotional time. Make requests from a place of love, though. Do not regret anything!

TIP! If your cancer treatments are giving you diarrhea, try to eliminate the coffee that you may find so dear. Caffeine may assist you in feeling alert; however, it can worsen diarrhea, and may cause dehydration.

It is important that you get enough vitamin E every day. The recommended dosage of vitamin E taken regularly, can profoundly reduce cancer risks. Many popular foods and beverages are loaded with vitamin E.

TIP! Your medications won’t work properly unless you have enough food in your system. Although you might not feel like eating or have an appetite following a treatment, it is very important to give your body enough nutrients so the medicines can work.

Don’t go out in direct sunlight unprotected during late morning and early afternoon. If you need to be outside, do so before or after that period, and you will reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

TIP! Let your body have the gift of a good night’s rest. When you sleep your body has time to repair the damage from treatments and gather strength to fight the disease.

Avoid behavioral and environmental factors that increase your risk of getting cancer. Avoiding excessive hours under the sun, and sunscreening your body when you do go out, is the best remedy to skin cancer.

TIP! Bring televisions and other entertainment devices into your bedroom once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. You may have previously used your bedroom for sleeping purposes only, but right now is a good time to change that for the time being.

You must remember to continue to have fun. Being diagnosed with cancer does not mean you have to fundamentally overhaul your life. Make sure that you carry on doing the things you love, such as reading, going to the cinema, and attending a stadium for a huge sporting event. Perhaps you will have to plan things in advance, but do not let cancer keep you from enjoying your life.

TIP! Guacamole is a very wonderful and yummy dip that can stave off cancer. Chop up some avocados, green peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes.

It is important to stay attuned to your body, so you recognize any changes. If you are pooped, then get some Z’s. If you are feeling run down, change up your diet so it includes healthier foods. Understanding what your body is saying can help you do what you need to do.

TIP! Sharing needles can lead to cancer, so avoid this practice! Sharing needles not only increases your chances of contracting HIV, but also Hepatitis B, which has been known to lead to various types of cancer. Discuss any drug use habits you have with your physician.

Just because you are ill, you do not have to put your life on hold. Try to keep in your regular routine as much as you possibly can so you have a sense of normalcy to your life. If something gives a you a lot of joy, you should not let your illness stop you from pursuing it. You will find pleasure in doing it and find it easier to stay positive for much longer.

TIP! Staying in shape and at a healthy weight improves your chances of avoiding cancer. People who are overweight have a higher chance of developing many different health conditions, including cancer.

Alcohol and cancer do not mix. Drinking a lot of alcohol can put you at risk for certain types cancers. Esophagus, mouth and throat cancers are all potential threats from over-drinking. Limiting the amount of alcohol you drink can reduce your risk for these cancers.

TIP! When you have to undergo cancer treatments, make arrangements for someone else to drive you to doctor’s appointments. Cancer treatments can be extremely draining, and your reaction times and mobility may be negatively impacted.

Saying “I love you” and showing unconditional love and support is something that helps cancer patients get through the rough times. No matter how good your actions show your love, saying those three words have no substitute. This can help you make sure it all fits right.

TIP! Try to stick to your normal daily routine as much as possible. Focus on getting through each day, one at a time, keeping a flexible mindset when it comes to making changes.

Eat three meals daily. Even if you do not feel hungry, medications will work better if you have a full stomach. Eat starches if you’re having trouble keeping other foods down. Fruits and vegetables are another good option.

TIP! Keeping active and physically fit helps you look healthier, and it will decrease your chances of getting cancer. Being physically active increases the heart rate and makes the body sweat.

There are many techniques to help you cope with cancer no matter what your diagnosis, from seeking out support to learning about your own treatment. Use the powerful advice in the article above to be knowledgeable about the best way to handle whatever challenges your cancer may bring.