Tips For Fighting Back Against Panic Attacks


Listening to music can be a powerful way to combat the anxiety you feel at the start of a panic attack. Choose songs that you can play softly and sit with quiet focus on the music and lyrics. Listening to music also distracts you from your bodily symptoms. Instead of worrying about your heart racing or your breathing feeling labored, you’re focusing on the music. This helps you calm down instead of spiraling further into panic.

TIP! Be conscious of your how you are breathing when you are going through a panic attack. Rapid breathing should be slowed down to control any attack.

A lot of people suffer from panic attacks and other issues linked to stress. If panic attacks are a problem for you, read through this article for several helpful hints on getting rid of this anxious feeling. You can start making positive changes to your life immediately. Apply the tips and advice in this article and you will be able to rid yourself of panic attacks forever.

Try talking to a counselor to help you gain some control over your panic attacks. A good counselor will know how to guide you. If you feel well supported, you will likely have fewer and less severe attacks.


An excellent method of getting over a panic attack quickly is to take control over your actions when an attack occurs. Try to distinguish the cause of your fear and anxiety and fight against it to overcome the panic attack.

If you are worried that you will get a panic attack, focus on something else. Sing a song or do some other activity to keep you busy. It does not matter how simple the task is, just do it to keep your mind self-occupied. When you do this you can ward off a major attack and begin to feel more comfortable sooner.

Rapid Breathing

Once crucial thing for panic attack sufferers to remember is that they should try to stay cognizant of what is really going on around them when they have an attack. Try to remember that you will be just fine, that you simply have too many neurons firing at once. Taking this step will help to keep your emotions under control so that the panic attack can soon be resolved. It is a horrible situation, but being aware of what is happening can reduce panic.

TIP! With the right techniques, you can rescue yourself from an anxiety attack. Your feelings and your thoughts should not determine your actions.

You can ease the symptoms of a panic attack by taking note of your rapid breathing during an attack and figuring out how to slow it down. If you can successfully gain control of rapid breathing, you will be able to control your anxiety and get the attack under control. Try to take deep, even breaths.

If you are hyped up because of a panic attack, it’s time for a hardcore house cleaning session. Not only does this redirect your mind to focusing on something other than your panic, but it can give you a real sense of accomplishment while improving the appearance of your environment.

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TIP! You must be able to identify your specific triggers for panic attacks. If you are nervous about talking to someone who upset you, it can trigger an attack.

A helpful way to manage your panic attacks is by speaking with a professional, such as a doctor or counselor. It is their job to help you. Simply knowing that someone understands what you are going through can really help your mood and lessen your panic attacks.

Know your feelings, so that you can know when and how to stop your next panic attack. Keep a journal and write down your mood and any specific thoughts that happen before your panic attacks. Review the journal each week, so you can identify your triggers and take steps to avoid them.


If you find yourself becoming frightened while having a panic attack, look around and try to rationalize whether there really is some immediate danger to be afraid of. Is there actually something or someone there that is threatening or harmful to you? More often than not, the actual threat is non-existent. Remember this, and focus on relaxing your mind and body.

If someone you knows suffer from panic attacks, ask them about the symptoms so you can know when they are having an attack. Difficulty breathing or swallowing, nausea, dizziness, trembling, and chills or sweating are just some of the common symptoms of a panic attack. Rule out medical emergencies like myocardial infarctions before using common methods to cope with panic attacks.

TIP! Learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy to help cope with panic attacks. You will benefit greatly from having personalized treatment from a seasoned professional, as have many others.

Here are some tips on how you can make them work for you. You can have a life without panic attacks. By using the tips we have offered, you will have a better understanding of panic attacks and can successfully reduce their occurrence.

Let go. Give yourself the chance to be cured of your condition of anxiety and allow healing to happen. You need to choose what you allow to overcome you. You have to let yourself and others help you if you want to get better.